”In a world saturated of glitz, glamour, social media and a crazy thing called life it’s sometimes hard to navigate and develop ones true, genuine and artistic self. Our boy Brandy stands as a triumph in following his dreams, working hard, but most importantly staying true to his self and artistic vision.

Our character is heavily shaped by what we experience and the people that surround us. You have distinct style, look and sound; how did a boy from Harlow end up in your situation expressing himself in the way you do?
“I was fortunate enough to have a mother that was heavily into Art, Rock N Roll and the 60’s movement. We were quite poor so the only thing we had in the house were old records that she had collected through the years. I use to spend hours studying all these records and to be honest was fascinated by it all. I formed my first band when I was around 12. I always used to travel to London to see live acts with my older friends. When I was 14 my mother was murdered and I hit some turbulence. Not long after that I moved to the city to follow my dreams of playing music and searching for adventure.”
With that said, what/who is your main driving force of inspiration?
“I have many different inspirations. From comedians like Bill Hicks who I see as almost a prophet, to others like Bob Dylan of whom’s words resonate to me like a modern day Shakespeare. I’m also heavily inspired by Alan Watts a philosopher from the 60’s”
What projects are you currently working on?
“I am working on a couple of books. One called ‘Unwritten Stories’ which contains some of my Poetry and lyrics and the other called ‘The Probable Self’’ which is about my experience on this earth.”
This coupled with international tours both solo and with his Berlin based band as well as new music (Sweet Tranquility) and visual content set to release in March Brandy is no stranger to hard work… But when you’re sincerely committed to your passion and art why wouldn’t you be?
Living authentically in our world today, Brandy marks a refreshing stamp on the planet. His art, expression and kindness continues to inspire and that’s why we love him.”

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