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Crazy World + US TOUR JAN 2013

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”Brandy Row has been at the forefront of London’s underground rock n roll scene for the last eight years. Never fitting into the mold of posh kid gone bad or mid European desperately trying to emulate a form of British culture that never was, Brandy Row is the real thing. He has come from a broken background in a deadend town outside London and has spent most of his life challenging the identikit mold that has been cast for all around him.

Playing in numerous bands in the last decade his current incarnation is that of acoustic folk chanteuse taking centre stage alone in every dirty bar, street, club venue that England, Europe and America has to offer, earning him the title of the hardest working young man in underground rock n roll today. He also fronts a nine piece band, ‘Brandy Row and the Truebadours’ bringing you high energy rock n roll that clashes from all different genres, and plays lead guitar in 1977 style punk band The Gaggers.

Brandy is a creative tour de force that has come equipped with the weapons to cut himself a path from the mediocrity. a one man army. that shows no signs of ever slowing down until he performs in front of you! Get ready.”

Bioux Lee Hayes

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