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The Gaggers

The Gaggers

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The Gaggers were formed in 2009 by Terminal Gagger on lead vocals and bass (The Botox Rats, Shanghai Wires, Disco Lepers) and Dagger Gagger aka Brandy Row on guitar and vocals (The Blow-Outs, The Seminals, The Hateful) with Busy Signal on drums.

Their aim was to re-ignite the energy, urgency and danger in real punk rock. The style is late’70’s rock ‘n’ roll influenced by the Jabbers, Dead Boys, Pagans and Eater with throat-slashing guitars and razor-sharp vocals. The Gaggers came to attack.

Their debut 7” ‘Fix Me Up’ was released within a couple of months of their forming on No Front Teeth Records, UK and Rapid Pulse Records, USA followed by a string of 7”s that went in and out of print in the blink of an eye. These 7”s were ‘You Ain’t No Fun’ (No Front Teeth Records, UK / Pure Punk Records, Italy), ‘Outta Your Mind’ (No Front Teeth Records, UK / Bowery Records, Spain) and ‘Two Fingers Down My Throat’ (Bat Shit Records, USA).

2011 saw the release of the debut Gaggers full-length titled ‘Rip You Apart’ released on Dead Beat Records, USA. The reception was phenomenal. The punk rock world’s ears pricked up and people started salivating.

Following the release of ‘Rip You Apart’ The Gaggers underwent some member changes. Busy Signal left to do a medicine PHD (yes, for real) being replaced by Bushy Signal (The Seminals, Blow-Outs, Electric Cocks) and Terminal Gagger quit the bass to purely sing and the band recruited Rudy Retch on bass.

The first release with the brand new line-up was the ‘Psychosomatic’ 7” (2012, No Front Teeth Records, UK / Wanda Records, Germany) with an accompanying music video and record release shows in Berlin.

The Gaggers are currently working on their second full-length titled ‘Blame You’ scheduled for release in 2012 and also have a song ‘Hostage’ on the upcoming soundtrack to the movie ‘Bath Salt Zombies’ along with the Dwarves, The Murder Junkies, The Meatmen and Antiseen.

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